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10.08.14, 10:37

Daraus Ausschnitte:

It may sound like a trippy theory, but the Perimeter Institute researchers who thought it up insist that the idea is grounded in sound mathematics and, more importantly, that it's testable. Even more intriguing is that this new model seems to "solve" many of the cosmological puzzles that plague our conventional theories.

Am Perimeter Institute wird Grundlagenforschung insbesondere zu fundamentalen Fragen des Universums betrieben.

In a theoretical four-dimensional universe, however, black holes would instead possess three-dimensional event horizons. So the researchers' new theory suggests that our three-dimensional universe is nothing more than a "mirage" caused by a star collapsing into a black hole in such a four-dimensional universe.


Die Motivation:
Afshordi's comment was tongue-and-cheek, of course, but it points out a latent absurdity at the heart of the Big Bang theory. Namely, the Big Bang is an idea that, at worst, is fundamentally self-defeating: it explains the universe via an unexplainable event. And virtually anything can follow from an unexplainable event.

Jeder würde wohl zustimmen, daß der Urknall unerklärlich ist. Mir scheint allerdings die Annahme eines vier-dimensionalen Universums nicht eine durch besondere Erklärbarkeit bestechende Alternative zu sein.