Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : FQXI/FFF Funding Applicattion for ERM / Mills Development (1st Feb 2018 deadline)

31.12.17, 10:11
hello all and happy new year,

in this post i asked for your help, greatly appreciated the discussion:

i would like to invite mathematicians and physicists willing to work, loosely and broadly, on the Extended Rishon Model, primarily utilising (and correcting) Dr Randall Mill's work as the underlying mathematical basis, to participate in a long-term part-time funding application.

i will be putting in a LARGE (part-time) funding application through FQXI / FFF:

one of the requirements will be to work *entirely* in the public eye, *at all times*, because it massively improves the quality and readability of the work, as evidenced by Jay Yablon, Carl Brannon, Hans de Vries, Marni Sheppeard (before she stopped communicating altogether), Joy Christian and many others who work outside of the mainstream community.

this in turn happens - crucially - to fulfil the requirements of the funding grant.

if you are interested the first deadline is TIGHT. one month. the amount of work needed however is quite small: please email me a C.V. and a list of relevant online publications, and also include the link back to this thread (i am posting on many forums). and also reply here to discuss.

i will coordinate the writing of the proposal (200 words + 500 words initially), again it will be ONLINE and PUBLIC for review and discussion, so as to demonstrate a committment to the fundamental principle by which the project shall move forward.

anyone may apply, please note that we do not have long. *one month*. then a more concrete proposal is to be written by 12th june 2018.

thank you and apologies this is not written in german.