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Ausrufezeichen Was ist eigentlich aus dem Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES) geworden?

Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space

Atomic clock EnsEmblE in spAcE (AcEs) (PDF, 1.306.235 Bytes)

Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (PDF, 4.738.594 Bytes)

Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES) will mark the end of relativity. ACES is an European Space Agency (ESA) mission in fundamental physics based on the performances of a new generation of atomic clocks operated in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station (ISS). By comparing ACES's clocks to terrestrial clocks worldwide, precision tests of the special and general theory of relativity will be made with unprecedented resolution.

Relativity will fail when space and ground clocks reveal changes in the oneway speed of microwave signals used to compare clocks. Light's speed will be measured as c+v and c-v, and not c as Einstein thought. The changes in speed are due to the earth's motion through the ether.

ACES - The end of Relativity (2022)

A number of theories predict violations of special relativity. And ACES is expected to improve previous limits by an order of magnitude by comparing the space and ground clocks continuously during several station passes. But rather than improve previous test limits for special relativity, it will kill it off.

ACES will perform the first accurate oneway speed of light test, which has never been done before as the rules of relativity imply it's not necessary - Einstein's clock synchronization method fixes the speed of light to a constant value. Results from ACES's clock comparison experiment will show light's oneway speed is affected by the earth's motion through ether, causing the microwave clock signals to speed up and slow down as the earth moves through ether.

In 2022 ACES will perform tests to check if Einstein was right.

Special relativity is unnecessary. Einstein introduced it simply to explain the Lorentz force law, as he believed an ether theory could not support it. However, he's wrong, see chapter 8 - equation set 8.4. It proves conclusively that there is no need for a special theory that joins space with time, as the ether medium can support the Lorentz force law and so endorse Lorentz symmetry.

Special relativity is a simple theory, but it fails to comply with commonsense logic, and consequently paradoxes result. These issues are resolved by wisp relativity, which is a simple theory based on commonsense.

The DeWitte Experiment is clear proof that the ether exists

Special Relativity is cracking up

There is now no doubt that Einstein's relativity theories are false. But because Einstein was such a hugely popular figure who somehow managed to influence the development of modern physics, it will be painful for many academics to admit they got it wrong.

But time is running out, and very soon a modern experiment to test the anisotropy of the one-way speed of light will prove Einstein wrong. And all theories that use his concept of spacetime will have to be changed or abandoned.

Call me stupid aber Albert Einsteins Relativitätstheorie ist so gut wie erledigt. Jungs, ACES ist der Hammer. Mit ein bisschen Glück ist der physikalische Äther bald (in wenigen Jahren) bewiesen und ACES hat zweifelsohne das Zeug dazu ...

... aber was ist eigentlich mit ACES, wie ist der aktuelle Stand? (alles imho)