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Standard AW: Der Masse-Dipol

"...mass-dipole, where mass is quantitatively a locally differing temporal layer thickness,
but in qualitative terms the general temporal stratification of both anti/matter fields."

And Hawkwind 'underpinned' to my delight:

... "but it must also be taken into account that the locally differing temporal layer thickness oscillates due to primordial quantum fluctuations."

Yes, (un)conditionally, as far as disoriented kinesis binds, determines itself !

I distinguish thereby three categories of massless radiation:

a) Highest energy radiation which combines materially.
b) High energetic radiation which manifests itself in between.
c) Low-energetic radiation which frequents that topology.

a) The Big Bang is the hot bottleneck through which every ekpyrotic, cyclical modelling of branendynamic
should be brought into line with the (palin)genesis of the Standard Model.
Pure mobility must submit to its binding to each other.
The four-dimensional world brand offers the advantage of objecthood in this respect
by a tradition of possible inclusions,
in self-contained fragments of the branen,
which resist for a sufficient period of time in an extensive environment of annihilation
to serve as 'condensation nuclei' for symmetrical baryogenesis.
The Sakharov criteria towards an inflaton field prepared in one way or another
should be re-evaluated under the aspect of the physical performance of clamping (Aufspannen) as a discrete quantum of time.

b) Each realized space-time is assigned to its common virtual body,
an anti/material generation and destruction in spe,
whose extension and event density should correspond to the extent of its inner stimulation.
The sporadic, occasional of gamma-re- and gamma-induced 'pairing',
which locally inverts both branen, is sufficient for the permeability of the...

c) ...Low-energy radiation, which intersects emission and absorption
along the branen mediating surface of the presence
and only takes possession of the related-space-times, but neither creates it nor sustainably shapes its topologies.

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