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Theorien jenseits der Standardphysik Sie haben Ihre eigene physikalische Theorie entwickelt? Oder Sie kritisieren bestehende Standardtheorien? Dann sind Sie hier richtig.

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Standard AW: Combining the theories of Kaluza-Klein and Dr Randall Mills

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Do you have a link to this work?

i must apologise, it is extremely large. a summary of the key strategic parts of the maths (which later chapters explain) starts on page 22.

some independent verification is underway (independent reproduction of the maths) and consequently includes some commentary that may prove useful, i kept a brief record here http://erm.lkcl.net/ under the section "GUTCP Verification".

if you have questions do ask.

also there was a DoD-funded group in the US that researched ball lightning and plasma balls back in the 1960s, the work was finally de-classified and shows startlingly similar equations based on the hypothesis that photons (or high-energy plasma particles) end up trapped in standing-wave circular loops and that the current distribution is perfectly spherical. i have a copy of the paper and can make it available on request.
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